S.No. End User Project Name Material Supply
1 ADCO ASAB Project Man power supply
2 ADCO ASAB Project SS (PFF items), DSS and SDSS (PFF ITEMS)
3 ADCO ASAB Project Titanium pipes fittings and flanges, Titanium spool fabrication
4 ADCO BAB Gas Project CUNI, SS, DSS
5 ADCO SAS ADCO Project SS, DSS, CS, SDSS pipes fittings and flanges
7 Cors Middle East Simon carves SS & DSS Pipes Fittings and Flanges
8 Gasco Project Gasco IDGLD SS Pipes, SDSS Pipes,Fitting and Flanges
9 GSCO NGL Train Phase 2 SS and CS Flanges
10 KNPC Clean Fuel Project Alloy, P5, P11, P22, DSS, SS Pipes
11 National Gas Shipping Company DD5 SP for IGC Dryer Unit SS Valves
12 ONGC MHN Phase 2 SS, DSS pipes fittings and flanges
13 OXY OXY Mukhaizna Phase2 Project SS (PFF Items)
14 Pentronas Rapid Project (Supply Through Flow Serve, Singapore) SS Pipes, Fittings, Flanges
15 Petronas Carigali SDN BHD Duplex, Super Duplex PFF items
16 petronas Off shore Malaysia Berantai Project SS, SDSS (PFF items)
17 Shell Iraq Shell Majnoo Green Field Project SS (PFF Items), Alloy 825 and 625 pipes
18 Stella UK Great Stella Project Titanium Flanges
19 TAKEREER Carbon Black & Delayed Coker Project Fittings
20 TAKEREER Oil Refining Project SS Flanges and Fittings
21 TAKEREER Ruwais Refinery Project CS and SS (PFF Items)
22 Turkman Gas South Yoloten Project, Turkmenistan SS and SDSS (PFF items)