Typically, piping systems for process plant facilities are prefabricated in sections called spools. A spool is an assembly of pipe and components that can be built in the workshop and then shipped to site for erection. A pipe spool drawing shows a single spool and is optimized to provide all the information needed by the fabrication workshop to accurately manufacture or assemble the spool. This requires three things:

Cut lengths for all pipes
Number, location and type for each weld
A parts list showing the fittings

Our Pipe Spooling services include:

Preparation of drawings for fabrication, Supply of required materials
We have qualified Titanium welders
Fabrication works as per the drawings & assembly
Welding as per ASME using Qualified Welders
Testing requirements as per the Projects specification
Complete documentation for project requirements & MRB documents
Arranging appropriate inspections and providing quality documents report
Spooling assemblies before installing at site for commissioning


Our Scope of Work will include

Fabrication as per the Client Requirements & Specifications
Complete Fabrication work
Welding as per the ASME using Qualified Welders
Will meet Client Testing Requirements
Pickling and Passivation of Weld Joints for SS, DSS,SDSS,Titanium Materials
Complete QA/QC Documents

Why Pipe Spooling?

Cost Savings in Materials Management
  1. Accurate material planning will save on inventory costs.
  2. Easier materials management, reducing administration / management expenses, material handling costs, pilferage, material damages etc.
  3. Efficient & better use of limited space at congested sites.
  4. Savings in warehousing costs.
  5. Minimum wastage.
  6. On Time Deliveries In Full, every time (OTDIF) means lesser follow ups.
  7. JIT (Just-in-time) deliveries of ready- to- fit spools to avoid quantity fluctuations.
Cost Savings in Working Capital Management
  1. Efficient material procurement will result in lesser inventories & working capital requirements.
  2. JIT deliveries of Prefabricated Spools would mean hedging against Price Volatility.