We supply a range of quality electrofusion fittings. All electrofusion fittings are individually inspected using a computerised monitoring system that utilises advanced barcode technology.


The barcode provides full traceability right down to the polymer batch.


We supply a whole range of Couplers, Large Diameter Couplers, End Cap, Reduce, Elbow, Equal Tee, Reducing Tee, Flanged Tee, Flextee Tapping Tee, Multi-seal Tapping Tee, Branch, Flanged Branch, Male Transition coupler, Female Transition Coupler, Male Transition, Female Transition, Balloon Saddle, Transition Saddle, Duckfoot Bend, Hydrant branch saddle Kit, Stub Flange Kit, Coupler with Excess Flow Valve, Reducer with Excess Flow Valve and Transition Adaptors etc.,